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Sea Sail & Cruise est une entreprise de location, ventes, conciergerie, gestion locative, skipper de bateau à Royan et Meschers en Charente-Maritime.


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Remarkable sites in the navigation area

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice about a circuit during your rental, depending on the weather and the tides of the day !

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 The Cordouan Lighthouse : 


Over 400 years old, the Kings Lighthouse is the last lighthouse at sea to be visited. Overlooking the mouth of the estuary from 67.5 m, you will need to climb 301 steps to discover the breathtaking view and the lighting system today capable of orienting sailors at 40 km.

It is only accessible at low tide by walking on the sandbank for about fifteen minutes. Be careful, you have to calculate your arrival carefully so as not to be trapped by the rising tide!

The sandbank of the lighthouse, also called the unnamed island, is accessible whatever the tide, but very calm conditions are necessary for a safe approach. Do you plan to take a trip there?


Do not hesitate to ask our team for advice!

To prepare for your visit, you can also go to the lighthouse website :



 Talmont village : 


Located on an almost island between Meschers sur Gironde and Mortagne, the village which was once a citadel, a medieval "clause city" is now classified among the most beautiful villages in France, its 12th century Romanesque church overlooks the estuary .

When the wind has picked up on the estuary and the conditions become less easy, it is pleasant to sink a little into the estuary, for example to come and discover the small village of Talmont from the sea.


To find out more it's:


 Talmont SSC
 grottes meschers SSC

 Meschers's cliffs: 


Overlooking the estuary from a limestone rock wall and dotted with troglodyte caves, carved into the limestone cliff, first natural, then dug by man to become in the 19th century cave habitats.


It is also possible to observe the famous squares of the estuary. Small fishermen's huts on stilts, the word "plaice" actually designates the square net used for fishing, lowered and raised in the sea by a winch system which lifts the submerged net horizontally using a pulley or 'a rope. Practiced at rising tide, in shallow water, the technique of plaice fishing consists of putting a bait in the middle of the net and making it move regularly so as to attract sole, mules, billy goats, plaice, crabs , Prawns and eels.

 Royan's harbor : 


It is one of the most important regional marina and the only one of the estuary, on the Charente Martime side, from where you can leave by any tide with a shallow draft boat.


It has a capacity of a thousand rings and is located in the heart of the seaside town center.

The fishing port is also active there with a flotilla of around thirty boats specializing in so-called noble species: soles, meager, bass, langoustines, etc.


It is the preferred starting point for our boats

bateau retour port royan seasailcruise
 port meschers SSC

 Meschers's harbor: 


Accessible only at high tide, the small port of Meschers houses a lock basin as well as an open basin at low tide.

It is bordered by small restaurants including the very pleasant harbor bistro for tasting barbecued fish and seafood, it can be a stopover of choice but beware of the tide!


Sheltered from the crowds of Royan and offering easy parking for free, it is also a possible starting point for our boats.

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